Wooden species

Discover our range of species and products from Africa, North America and South East Asia.

North America

3A is agent for Baillie Lumber on the French market.

The production capacity of Baillie sawmills allows us to offer you edged sawn timber according to your needs. It is thus possible to select full containers with fixed widths materials if required.

From 4/4 ” to 12/4 “

Baillie Lumber produces planks with fixed widths with a sorting of planks by half inches (ie 1.25 cm). 

From 4/4’’ to 12/4’’

White ash has a similar appearance to its European counterpart.
The sapwood is light in color, sometimes almost white, and the shade of the perfect wood varies from gray-brown to light brown or pale yellow with brown veins.

From 4/4’’ to 12/4’’

The sapwood is creamy white and may be streaked, the perfect wood fading from pale yellow brown to olive green. The green color of perfect wood tends to darken after UV exposure and turns brown.

From 4/4 ” to 12/4 “

Standardized quality Baillie Lumber offers sawn timber with a red face and a minimum of 50% of the red backing. We can also offer you sawn timber classified by width, and thus optimize your yields by offering you fixed widths matching your needs.

From 4/4 ” to 12/4 “

Baillie Lumber is located in the privileged region of the Hard Maple, where the tree is known to be the whitest. The resulting quality is classified as “1 and 2 white”, which means a white face and 50% of the white backing.
As for Oak, we are developing a “Superprime” quality with boards classified according to their appearance and therefore 90% of them have 4 white sides. We can offer you complete sets of planks in fixed widths.

We ship logs (23-25 m3 / 40 feet container) from appalachians suppliers to french sawmills. 

  • Birch (Prunus serotina) sawn quality, slice quality
  • Hard maple (Acer Saccharum) sawn quality, slice quality
  • Red alder (Alnus Rubra) sawn quality, slice quality (western United States)


All the species of West Africa can match your expectations. We are developing the delivery of raw, semi-finished or finished products.
The Ivory Coast and Ghana remain our countries of choice due to the quality of the work of our partners on site.

  • Samba / Wawa
  • Sapelli
  • Iroko / Odum
  • Acajou / Khaya
  • Sipo / Utile

South East Asia

We ship full batches mainly from South East Asia: Malaysia and Indonesia. The Asian continent allows us to work on 3 very distinct ranges of wood.

All the essences we work with are imported today in edged, massive pre-flow or butted.

  • First, the decking with our factories located in Surabaya, Indonesia on the island of Java. We export in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 
  • Then the square edged lumber, our most traditional range of products through which we market  S/edged GMS / PHND or not, always properly dried.
  • Finally, we are also working on finished or semi-finished products: DRM KKK.
    This range requires a close relationship with the production unit in Asia.
  • Merbau
  • Kapur
  • Palapi
  • Meranti (red or white)
  • Kampas
  • Jelutong
  • Agathis
  • Mengkulang
  • Keruing
  • KSK
  • Bintangor
  • Acajou

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