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Timber trade since 1983

Import - Export

Société 3A – Lance Beausire continues a four generations business tradition in timber trade with essences from North America, South East Asia and Africa. We also sell and ship timber from France worldwide.


All wood species from West Africa can match your expectations : Samba/wawa, Sapelli, Iroko, and more.


Wooden deck, raw material and pre-finished materials are our 3 ranges of products from this area.


We are working closely with Baillie Lumber on the French market to supply you with temperate hardwoods.

40-years of expertise

Based in Le Havre, Normandie, we aim to offer you raw materials close to your needs, by committing with producers likely to meet your specification. 

To support our growth, we merged with the Sitra Global (International) Limited Group of Singapore in 2007. Our group got three factories in Indonesia.

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Our PRojects

Bangkirai decking in Singapor

Centre de Performance AS Monaco - terrasse en padouk

Performance Center of AS Monaco

Marine Bay Sands Decking Sitra

Wooden decking at Marina Bay Sands in Singapor

Nantes’ Elephant in Yellow Poplar

Lily pond Wooden Decking Singapour

Lily Pond in Singapor

The horse-dragon in Accoya®


Thanks to our commitment with the various globally recognized eco-certifications (PEFC/10-31-2263) since 2008,  we have been committed to increasing our volume of eco-certified wood.

We also improve the information for our clients by specifying the main characteristics of our products and by offering them a technical description.

Our team

Thierry Aubourg 
General manager

Tiffany Vimbert
Supply chain manager

Nathalie Picard
Accounting – Finance

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Le Havre


8–12am / 2-6pm