We chose carefully our suppliers to ensure the quality of their work tools and materials. We favor certified partners in order to create a safe network where woods only come from sustainably managed forests. 


We have been signatories of the Environmental Charter drawn up by Le Commerce du Bois for many years, affirming our commitment towards sustainable forest management. This allows us to ensure the supply of wood products from forests that have received sustainable management certification or will do soon.

We are also improving the information for our clients by specifying the main characteristics of our products and by offering them a technical description.


The PEFC/10-31-2263, standing for Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a certification that ensures preservation of biodiversity, water and soil and the health of the forests from which our raw wood is extracted. This certification is a guarantee of timber reliability throughout the processing and marketing chain. Malaysia has reached an agreement with PEFC/10-31-2263 for mutual recognition of their certification system.

The MTCS, standing for Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme, is a certification program from the MTCC (Malaysian Timber Certification Council). It sets up independent tools to ensure that the wood products manufactured or exported come from sustainably managed forests. MTCS is the very first tropical timber certification program approved by PEFC.


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